Catherine Musemeche, M.D.
HURT: A History of Trauma and the Radical Thinkers Who Made Our World Safer (ForeEdge, 2016)
SMALL: Life and Death on the Front Lines of Pediatric Surgery (Dartmouth College Press/University Press of New England, 2014)

Catherine “Kate” Musemeche, M.D., has been a practicing pediatric surgeon for more than twenty years and an assistant and associate professor of surgery at the University of Texas Medical School in Houston and MD Anderson Hospital and Tumor Institute. Previously Chief of Pediatric Surgery and Director of Pediatric Trauma at the University of New Mexico and now in private practice, she has performed literally thousands of operations on infants and children. One of her essays, “Wake-Up Call” was featured on the NPR program Talk of the Nation, and published on NPR’s website. She is a guest contributor to the NYT’s The Motherlode blog. She lives in Austin, Texas.