Tanusri’s background in human rights law has helped shape her eclectic list, which features compelling new voices in the adult and children’s books spaces. She looks for accessible and wide-reaching, narrative nonfiction set against themes in social justice and representation; memoirs that speak to these issues with authenticity, humor, and heart; and select fiction featuring diverse perspectives, experiences, and even storytelling styles. For YA and middle-grade, Tanusri gravitates towards contemporary coming-of-age stories, and ambitious, world-building fantasies. She’s drawn to charming and relatable romances, well-plotted and voice-driven suspense, and stories set in schools or interesting neighborhoods. In the picture book space, she loves wry humor and twisty endings, as well as meaningful, concept-driven texts. She also represents children’s nonfiction that excites the imagination and curiosity of young readers.

Tanusri was born and raised in India, and has been living in NYC for well over a decade. She is a graduate of the National Law School of India, holds an LLM from Harvard Law School, and a PhD from Oxford University.

Adult Highlights:

  • Simran Jeet Singh (MORE OF THIS, PLEASE: Sikh Wisdom for the Soul)
  • Ayesha Siddiqua Chaudhry (THE COLOUR OF GOD)
  • Keerthik Sasidharan (DHARMA FOREST: Book 1 of the Dharma Trilogy)

Children’s Highlights:

  • Kevin Christopher Snipes (MILO AND MARCOS AT THE END OF THE WORLD)
  • Simran Jeet Singh (FAUJA SINGH KEEPS GOING: The True Story of the Oldest Person to Ever Run a Marathon)
  • Jacque Lynn (SPACE MATTERS)
  • Karen Konnerth (THE SNOWMAN WALTZ)
  • Alec Carvlin (HOW TO BAKE A UNIVERSE)

How to Submit to Tanusri Prasanna:

Please query her at tpsubmissions@defliterary.com with:

  • A concise pitch
  • Short bio
  • The first five pages in the body of your email or the entire text, if it is a picture book.
  • If querying an illustrated project, please provide sample illustrations and links to your website/Instagram page.