Gabriella Mlynarczyk

Gabriella started her career in the restaurant industry with a brief stint in a pastry kitchen, she soon discovered that she was better suited to the front of house and has served the last thirty years behind bars, that is to say mixing drinks. In 2007 she opened her own cocktail bar  in NY called Woodson & Ford, after losing her lease in 2011 she moved to Los Angeles where she has worked along side Chefs such as Michael Voltaggio , Kris Tominaga,  Josiah Citrin,  Brendan Collins and Johnny Iuzzini creating drink programs for their restaurants as well as for special events. She earned the moniker the pantry raider after her constant pillaging of Voltaggio’s dry storage at Ink restaurant, using ingredients such as butter popcorn or caramelized bananas to flavor spirits, at Ink she also invented hot toddy stock cubes  and Campari dust as a complement to Ink’s molecular driven menu. In her spare time Gaby  documents her liquid research and experiments via her journal, The Loving Cup,  in 2012  the journal became a monthly blog  intended to help demystify  drink making for the home bartender, recipes include things like a brown butter Old Fashioned or Vegan sours using chickpeas. Gaby currently works as  consulting Beverage Director  for Birch Restaurant in Hollywood and Accomplice bar in Mar Vista and at Vacation Bar in Santa Ana, she also works with Cap Rock spirits as their Business Development Specialist for Socal and NY state.