Marg Stark

Marg Stark made a name for herself with her perennial bestseller WHAT NO ONE TELLS THE BRIDE (Hyperion) and continued to deliver down-to-earth but humor-filled wisdoms in WHAT NO ONE TELLS THE MOM (Perigee). She also co-wrote TIMELESS HEALING: The Power and Biology of Belief (Scribner) with Harvard physician and best-selling author Herb Benson, M.D. In her freelance writing career, Stark became a frequent contributor to magazines including Ladies’ Home Journal, Bridal Guide, and Parents.

Stark sold the rights to her first published magazine story, “Roommates,” which was made into the 1994 NBC television movie starring Randy Quaid, Eric Stoltz, and Charles Durning. “A Different Tongue,” the play Stark wrote, debuted to sold-out audiences in Boston in 1993.

Stark received her bachelor’s degree in English and politics from Mount Holyoke College and her master’s of science in journalism from Northwestern University. She lives in San Diego with her husband and their two sons.