Tod Olson
INTO THE CLOUDS: The Race to Climb the World’s Most Dangerous Mountain (Scholastic, 2020) 

This fast-paced, three-part narrative takes readers on three expeditions over 15 years to K2, one of the deadliest mountains on Earth. Roped together, these teams of men face perilously high altitudes and battering storms in hopes of reaching the summit. As each expedition sets out, they carve new paths along icy slopes and unforgiving rock, creating camps on ledges so narrow they fear turning over in their sleep.

But disaster strikes--in 1939, four men never make it down the mountain. Fourteen years later, a man develops blood clots in his legs at 25,000 feet, leaving his team with no safe path off the mountain. Filled with displays of incredible strength and heart-stopping danger, Into the Clouds tells the incredible stories of the men whose quest to conquer a mountain became a battle to survive the descent.


"A fascinating account...Olson whisks readers away to the harsh climate and rugged adventure of climbing...An absolute must-have for all readers looking for well-researched and gripping adventure nonfiction."--School Library Journal (Starred Review)

"Gripping, well-researched, superb entertainment."--Kirkus

"Filled with tense moments, the book explores the question of what draws people to risk their lives climbing hostile mountains, as well as the importance of strong leadership, loyalty, and 'the fellowship of the rope.'"--Publisher's Weekly

"Olson’s meticulously documented research and creative writing make this an unforgettable story of courage and determination."--Booklist

"This non-stop action adventure is narrative nonfiction at its best."--School Library Connection

"Olson’s edge-of-the-seat narrative, lively analysis of rival climbing philosophies and the outsized effects of tiny mistakes, along with engrossing expedition photographs, will enthrall newbies and cognoscenti alike, and source notes and extensive bibliography can direct enthusiasts to primary source and multimedia materials."--The Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books

"This harrowing adventure story practically puts you on the slopes of K2 with the climbers. You'll feel yourself gasping for oxygen, stamping your feet to fight off frostbite, and wrestling with the ultimate decision: do you turn back while you still can, or make one last try for the summit?"--Steve Sheinkin, author of Bomb: The Race to Build--and Steal--the World's Most Dangerous Weapon and the Time Twisters series

"Tod Olson turns this true story into a tale more thrilling and suspenseful than any work of fiction."--Lauren Tarshis, author of the I Survived series

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Praise for the LOST series

"A riveting, completely engrossing true survival story."--Kirkus Reviews, starred review

"Engaging ... A great choice for collections."--School Library Journal

"Fans of action-packed true survival stories will take to this real-life space episode—an easy pick for upper elementary schoolers."--School Library Journal

Tod Olson is the author of the How to Get Rich historical fiction series for kids, as well as numerous books for the school/library and classroom markets. He has written for national magazines on the Columbine school shooting, homeless teens, the murder of Matthew Shepherd, and many other stories of interest to children and young adults. During his 25 years in children’s publishing he has edited and developed several collections of books for both school/library and the classroom. Tod holds an MFA from Vermont College.