Tod Olson
LOST IN THE ANTARCTIC (Scholastic, 2018)
LOST IN THE AMAZON: A Battle for Survival in the Heart of the Rainforest (Scholastic, 2018)
LOST IN OUTER SPACE: The Incredible Journey of Apollo 13 (Scholastic, 2017)
LOST IN THE PACIFIC, 1942: Not A Drop to Drink (Scholastic, 2016)
LOST AT THE TOP OF THE WORLD (Scholastic, 2019)

Tod Olson is the author of the How to Get Rich historical fiction series for kids, as well as numerous books for the school/library and classroom markets. He has written for national magazines on the Columbine school shooting, homeless teens, the murder of Matthew Shepherd, and many other stories of interest to children and young adults. During his 25 years in children’s publishing he has edited and developed several collections of books for both school/library and the classroom. Tod holds an MFA from Vermont College.