Brian DeFiore of DeFiore and Company announced today a major expansion of his agency with the addition of two new agents, Debra Goldstein and Matthew Elblonk. The three, formerly of the agency The Creative Culture, which was founded in 1998 by Ms. Goldstein and Mary Ann Naples (who recently joined the start-up e-commerce site OpenSky) will join current DeFiore and Co. agents Laurie Abkemeier, Kate Garrick and Adam Schear on March 1st. With eight agents and additional support staff, DeFiore and Co. is now a solidly mid-size agency with a broad list of non-fiction and fiction authors for adults and young adults. Clients that they bring to the agency include Lauren Conrad (LA CANDY), SARK (SUCCULENT WILD WOMAN), Stacy Morrison, Lou Paget, MJ Ryan, Frances Cole Jones, Dr. Neal Barnard, and Gesine Bullock-Prado.