DeFiore & Company works strategically to license our clients’ books in translation. Our foreign rights director, Linda Kaplan, has nearly thirty years of subsidiary rights experience. Linda joined the agency in 2015 after 15 years as VP, rights director at Crown.

She has close working relationships with publishers and co-agents around the world and works in tandem to ensure maximum potential for each title in each language.  We oversee all aspects of our clients’ international publication, from submission and negotiation through publication and throughout the life of the book.

Linda Kaplan participates in the major book fairs in London, Frankfurt and Bologna as well as other fairs and international publishing events.

  • Baltic States: Andrew Nurnberg Associate (Riga)
  • Brazil: The Riff Agency (Rio de Janeiro)
  • Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia: Andrew Nurnberg Associate (Sofia)
  • China: Andrew Nurnberg Associate (Beijing)
  • Czech Republic, Slovenia and Slovak Republic: Andrew Nurnberg Associate (Prague)
  • France: Agence Eliane Benisti
  • Germany: Andrew Nurnberg Associate (London)
  • Greece: JLM Literary Agency
  • Hungary, Croatia: Andrew Nurnberg Associate (Budapest)
  • Israel: Book Publishers Association of Israel
  • Italy: Andrew Nurnberg Associate (London)
  • Japan: Tuttle–Mori Agency
  • Korea: Eric Yang Agency
  • Netherlands: Sebes and Bisseling (Amsterdam)
  • Poland: Andrew Nurnberg Associate (Warsaw)
  • Russia: Andrew Nurnberg Associate (Moscow)
  • Scandinavia:  Ia Atterholm Agency (Sweden)
  • Spain/Portugal:   Andrew Nurnberg Associate (London)
  • Taiwan:  Andrew Nurnberg Associate (Taipei)
  • Turkey: Kayi Agency