THE FLOATING WORLD – Starred Kirkus Review

“This novel is New Orleans to the bone, an authentic, detailed picture of the physical and emotional geography of the city, before, during, and after the tragedy, its social strata, its racial complications, the zillion cultural details that define its character: the parrots in the palm trees, the pork in the green beans, the vein in the shrimp, ‘the goddamned tacky way he flew his Rex flag out of season.’ Deeply felt and beautifully written; a major addition to the literature of Katrina.”

EVERYTHING MUST GO – Rave Reviews from the Trades

“Written through text messages, blog posts, letters, journal entries, and more, Davis’s smart and witty debut captures a girl’s changing attitude and gradual acclimation to a very different environment. Filled with vibrant characters, it balances gentle jabs at pop culture and self-righteousness with thought-provoking ideas about feminist ideals and human frailties.” – Publisher’s Weekly (Starred Review)

“An introspective, feminist, nuanced story that is difficult to place in any one box. This standout debut is as empowering for readers as it is for its protagonist.” – Booklist

“The core of Flora’s journey presents opportunities for readers to grapple with gender, sex, race, classism—even Marxism—although detailed explorations of all those complicated topics are too much for a single narrative. Thoughtful and provocative.” – Kirkus

New York Times Best Sellers

DeFiore and Company is proud to have two simultaneous #1 New York Times bestsellers the week of December thirteenth. We’re honored to represent Brandon Stanton and Rick Yancey and their amazing books!

#1 New York Times Best Seller

Rick Yancey’s THE 5TH WAVE is once again on the New York Times Best Seller list; now hitting at #1 in Young Adult Trade Paperback. Congratulations to Rick Yancey! You can purchase THE 5TH WAVE at AmazonBarnes and Noble or your local independent book store.