Another great review for Jason Starr’s PANIC ATTACK

In a Publisher’s Weekly starred review, PANIC ATTACK is described as “Funny and suspenseful, this novel is Starr delightfully at the top of his game.”

PRETTY IN PLAID is well-reviewed

The Onion and People review Jen Lancaster’s latest memoir. People calls it “totally fresh” and “a treat for fans and new readers alike.”

PRETTY IN PLAID is a wild success!

In just its first week, Jen Lancaster’s PRETTY IN PLAID makes its mark on a number of lists: #8 on the New York Times bestseller list, #10 on The Washington Post, #11 on Wall Street Journal, and #15 on Publisher’s Weekly.

PRETTY IN PLAID to hit the shelves on May 5, 2009

Jen Lancaster’s highly anticipated fourth memoir will debut in hardcover on May 5th. To celebrate the book’s release, Jen will be heading on a 17-city book tour. For more information, click here.