THE EVOLUTION OF BRUNO LITTLEMORE Chosen As One Of This Year’s BEA “Editor’s Buzz” Books

Benjamin Hale’s THE EVOLUTION OF BRUNO LITTLEMORE, and its terrific editor Cary Goldstein at Twelve, have been chosen as one of this year’s BEA “Editor’s Buzz Panel” books. 4:30 pm on Tuesday, May 25 at the Jacob Javitz Center.

Wall Street Journal Reviews FALLING APART IN ONE PIECE

Stacy Morrison’s FALLING APART IN ONE PIECE received a great review in the Wall Street Journal. Read it here.

Lisa McLeod in Fortune

Lisa McLeod, author of THE TRIANGLE OF TRUTH (Perigee), will be featured in the March 22 issue of Fortune.

Amy Spencer on CBS

Amy Spencer appeared on CBS’s “The Early Show” to promote MEETING YOUR HALF-ORANGE and her optimistic view of dating and finding The One.