Kyria Abrahams’ debut book from Touchstone is a memoir about growing up a Jehovah’s Witness, and it hits bookstores in March. Kirkus raves, “Undoubtedly the cleverest lapsed Jehovah’s Witness yet, Abrahams offers a graphic, mordant, wickedly distaff take on the first two decades of her current life. It’s a confessional talking cure, melancholy as well as funny as it chronicles unharmonious family life, a short miserable marriage, foul boyfriends, booze and pervasive naïveté. As oddly engrossing as repeated slow-motion viewings of an accident in an amusement park.”

THE LONGEST TRIP HOME debuts at #9 on the New York Times bestseller list.

John Grogan’s 2nd memoir continues to receive critical acclaim and debuts at #9 on the New York Times bestseller list. Janet Maslin of the New York Times says John Grogan writes “with deeply felt humanity and pathos” and “has a knack for framing such tales with great charm.” Frank McCourt reviews THE LONGEST TRIP HOME for The Philadelphia Inquirer and writes that Grogan’s story is, “All energy and love, passion and compassion — all leavened with a grand sense of humor.”

Fox motion pictures acquires the rights to Adena Halpern’s THE TEN BEST DAYS OF MY LIFE.

The touching and hilarious story of a hip young woman’s surprising afterlife is set to become a major motion picture. Variety announces that attached to the project are actress Amy Adams and director Shawn Levy.

THE LAST GIG by Norm Green received starred Kirkus review.

Norm Green’s forthcoming novel received a rave review from Kirkus, who said, “[Alessandra Martillo] fights like a Valkyrie, loves hard, runs scared at times, stands tall when it matters, is sexy, endearing and just about the freshest heroine to enhance genre fiction in forever. Don’t miss her.”