A WORLD WITHOUT EMAIL Hits the New York Times Best Sellers List

Cal Newport’s seventh book, A WORLD WITHOUT EMAIL, debuted on the New York Times Advice, How-To & Miscellaneous Best Sellers List at #10. See the full list here.

Kirkus Reviews HEARTWOOD

Kirkus reviews Barbara Becker’s forthcoming memoir, HEARTWOOD, which will publish on May 11, 2021. “Once firmly entrenched in our “death-shy” contemporary culture, the author is now a reassuring advocate for peace and interreligious understanding, and she views dying as an opportunity to seek enlightenment and give thanks, regardless of one’s preferred spiritual path.”

Read the full review here.

Publisher’s Weekly interviews Barbara Becker

Publisher’s Weekly interviews Barbara Becker, author of forthcoming memoir, HEARTWOOD, about what it means to be mortal. Read the interview here.

Publisher’s Weekly gives ​FILTHY ANIMALS a Starred Review

Brandon Taylor’s forthcoming short story collection, FILTHY ANIMALS (Riverhead) has received a starred review from Publisher’s Weekly. The novel will publish on June 22, 2021.