In a starred review, Booklist calls THE FINAL DESCENT by Rick Yancey “a landmark of modern YA fiction” and “[Rick] Yancey’s finest hour.” THE FINAL DESCENT is the final installment in The Monstrumologist series, and will be available from Simon & Schuster this September. It is currently available for pre-order from Amazon and Barnes and Noble. The full review is below:

The Final Descent

By Rick Yancey

(SSBFYR; ISBN: 9781442451537; September 2013; Fall catalog)

It can now be said with assurance that The Monstrumologist series is a landmark of modern YA fiction.  Even given the remarkable Printz Honor–winning first book, who could have predicted the haunting, profound developments of the subsequent titles, none more so than this penetrating, devastating coda. Yes, there is a monster: the T. cerrejonensis, a dangerous reptilian creature thought to be extinct for 100 years. But the true monster is Will Henry himself, now 16 and becoming “the most aberrant of aberrant life forms.” Though his upsetting maturation is logical, even inevitable, fans will be shocked to see theirbeloved Will surpass the cruelty of his master, Warthrop, as he fights, in gruesome manner, a crime organization for possession of the monster. Will goes too far; some readers might wonder if the author goes too far as well. This, however, is Yancey’s finest hour, as he juggles—no, melds—three time frames and stares unblinking into humankind’s darkest heart. It is a work of tremendous courage; both Yancey and Will are forced to consider the void: “The innocent perish. The stupid, the banal, the wicked—they go on and on.” Beyond a simple finale, this is a brave statement about the duplexity of good and evil, and the deadly trap in which all of us are snared.