Debut novelist Sean Michaels won Canada’s Giller Prize for his novel Us Conductors published by Penguin Random House Canada and Tin House books in the United States. Us Conductors, the jury wrote in its citation, “is based on the life of Lev Thermen, the Russian-born inventor of the Theremin, the most ethereal of musical instruments. As the narrative shifts countries and climates, from the glittery brightness of New York in the 1920s to the leaden cold of the Soviet Union under Stalin, the grace of Michaels’s style makes these times and places seem entirely new. He succeeds at one of the hardest things a writer can do: he makes music seem to sing from the pages of a novel.” Check out Publisher’s Weekly article for more information. You can purchase Us Conductors at Amazon, Barnes and Noble or your local independent bookstore.

Congratulations again to Sean Michaels!