Alex Quade
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Agent: Lisa Gallagher
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War reporter and documentary filmmaker ALEX QUADE covers U.S. Special Operations Forces on combat missions.  She’s the only reporter ever embedded long-term with these elite units downrange.  Extreme storytelling lies at the heart of what Alex Quade does.  She’s the recipient of more than two dozen journalism awards.  Among them:  two national Edward R. Murrow Awards, the national Defense Media Award for her career covering special operations, an International Aerospace Media Award, group Emmy, Peabody and Columbia du-Pont Awards, an Armed Services Angel of the Battlefield Award, and the Congressional Medal of Honor Society’s Excellence in Journalism Award “for her courageous reporting and honest news coverage".   Alex Quade started her career at the White House during the Persian Gulf War.  She’s worked in television covering global conflicts and hostile environments for CNN, FOX, CBS, HLN, APTN and CNNI out of Frankfurt and Berlin, Germany, New York and Atlanta.  She’s produced videos and reports for The New York Times; front page stories for The Washington Times, Military Times, and Small Wars Journal; and cover features for National Guard, Soldier of Fortune, and Special Forces Association’s magazines.  Among her documentaries: “Horse Soldiers of 9/11”, narrated by actor Gary Sinise, and “Chinook Down”, investigating the fatal shoot-down of a helicopter in Afghanistan.  Alex was supposed to be on that helicopter.  She survived to cover the fierce firefight that followed.  Hollywood released "Danger Close", a film about Alex Quade and her combat reportage.