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New York Times Reviews BRAVE THE WILD RIVER

The New York Times Book Review featured Melissa L. Sevigny’s BRAVE THE WILD RIVER: The Untold Story of Two Women Who Mapped the Botany of the Grand Canyon (Norton). Reviewer Deborah Blum said: “[A] cascade of a story, colored by sun and water and driven by courage and determination.”

Vogue Interviews Jenny Fran Davis

Vogue interviews Jenny Fran Davis on her newly published novel, Dykette.

Vanity Fair Interviews Jenny Fran Davis

Vanity Fair interviews Jenny Fran Davis on her new novel DYKETTE.

"Davis’s new novel reads like a taxonomy of queer theory, references, and history, while offering up wholly new words and takes on contemporary lesbian life."- Svetlana Kitto, Vanity Fair

Dr. Thema Bryant Joins CBS Mornings on an Expert Panel

Dr. Thema Bryant appears on CBS Mornings on an expert panel to discuss finding mental health care, healing trauma, and supporting the mental health of teens for "Wellness Week" during Mental Health Awareness Month.

Kirkus Names GETTING OUT OF SAIGON to “10 Most Addictive"

Kirkus Reviews named Ralph White’s GETTING OUT OF SAIGON (Simon & Schuster) one of the “10 Most Addictive Books of 2023 (So Far).” In its starred review, Kirkus said: "White tells his inspiring story with wit, panache, humility, and a captivating sense of time and place. A fantastic read."