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BRAVE THE WILD RIVER Is a National Outdoor Book Award Winner

Melissa L. Sevigny’s BRAVE THE WILD RIVER: The Untold Story of Two Women Who Mapped the Botany of the Grand Canyon (WW Norton) has won the National Outdoor Book Award for History/Biography. The awards committee says: "In this brilliantly told story you are given a seat in the boat along with Clover and Jotter for a bit of canyon botany—and the ride of your life."

ANA MARÍA AND THE FOX voted one of the Best Romance Novels of 2023 by Kirkus

Kirkus Reviews named Liana De la Rosa's ANA MARÍA AND THE FOX as a Best Romance Novel of 2023.

Kirkus Gives THE ASTROCHIMPS a Starred Review

“Usually relegated to brief mentions in histories of the space race, the NASA program’s chimps take center stage here as Cusick draws on a mix of interviews and archival sources to present a vividly portrayed, meticulously researched picture of their strenuous training and experiences...All hail these pioneering primates!” 

COMPANY Named a "Best Fiction Book of 2023" by Publishers Weekly

Publishers Weekly places COMPANY on its list of the top 20 "Best Fiction Books of 2023." They say: "Sanders’s revelatory debut collection offers a warts-and-all portrait of a Black extended family, set mainly in Washington, D.C., with stories retold and expanded upon from various family members’ perspectives. Each character feels deeply human as they navigate what it means to be 'company' at one another’s homes and parties, and whether to expect a warm embrace or cold scrutiny."

COMPANY reviewed in The Washington Post

"Company shows the frayed edges of friendship and family, and Sanders extracts comedy from the formidable situations that erupt in people’s lives — divorce, financial struggle, aging, death and childlessness. . . This book is for anyone bludgeoned by gnawing remarks from family members or friends. We all find ourselves in bad company on occasion, but the stakes are higher when those experiences happen with those we consider kin."