Amy Bloch
The Power of Heart: When and How to Get Out of Your Brain (St. Martin's Press, 2019)

The poignant lessons and practical applications an Ivy League psychiatrist learned from her daughter about the importance of living heart-first.

Amy Bloch, accomplished therapist, busy and fully in control of her professional and family life, was dealt what she thought was a devastating, insurmountable set-back when her daughter Emily was born with profound brain damage. Amy tried desperately to “fix” Emily, and exhausted herself in her efforts to deal with the “problem” using her intellect, going at it brain-fist, the way we tend to approach any challenge in our society. Emily, by default, lives completely heart-first: She simply doesn’t have the capabilities to approach life brain-first.

The Power of Heart is the distillation of what Emily taught Amy – applicable to anyone’s life. While brain is amazing, powerful and also quite useful, it does come with limitations. And there’s some stuff brain just doesn’t know, which is where heart comes in. Tapping into heart helps your brain perform better – and makes you stronger and smarter than you will ever be trusting only brain. Heart will allow you to live with uncertainty; find strength, resilience, courage, and persistence in tough times; know your true self; manage emotions; and cast off self-criticism and doubt.

Amy’s message of living heart-first, in conjunction with brain, is presented in deeply thoughtful, life-affirming, inspiring, practical, and accessible chapters, which will resonate with readers of all ages and walks of life in search of coping strategies and self-improvement.

Amy Bloch, M.D., has been practicing child, adolescent, and adult psychiatry for 23 years. She received her pre-Emily education from Dartmouth, Yale University School of Medicine, and New York-Cornell Hospital. The mother of four children, Amy lives in suburban New York, where she spends an inordinate amount of time as her children’s chauffeur and Sherpa, but finds time to blog at her newly launched website,