Andrea Debbink
SYLVIE AND THE WOLF (Sounds True, 2022)
THE WILD WORLD HANDBOOK: How Adventurers, Artists, Scientists—and You—Can Protect Earth's Habitats (Quirk Books, 2021)

From a former editor at American Girl Magazine comes the first of two hopeful, illustrated guides to the natural world that aim to empower the next generation of young climate activists and nature lovers to protect the world's habitats.

Climate change will be a defining issue facing Generations Z and Alpha--but research shows that awe is a more powerful motivator for action than fear. With that idea in mind, this handbook is a hope-filled, awe-provoking middle-grade guide to environmental stewardship and the diverse habitats we call home. By inspiring readers with real stories and wonders from the natural world, this book aims to empower the next generation of conservationists and outdoor explorers. In its pages, readers will find inspiration, actionable advice, and diverse tales of adventure and hope about people who had incredible encounters with nature and then did something about it. Readers are encouraged to discover that no matter where they live or how they choose to engage with nature, they have the significant ability to act on its behalf.

Featuring stories of environmental stewardship, creative activities to engage with the natural world, and real stories of inspiring outdoor adventurers, scientists, and artists, this book will explore the world's varied habitats and how to preserve, appreciate, and celebrate them.

PureWow Happy Kid Award Winner 2021 for Best 8+ Book

“This gorgeous book features beautifully detailed illustrations, facts, stories and tips on making your own biome and helping to protect the environment.... A practical guide for young climate activists and junior conservationists.”CNN Underscored

“Beautifully illustrated….An entertaining and educational book for environmentally conscious nature lovers that will inspire action.”Booklist

"Well-designed and smartly organized . . . With every turn of the page, stimulating stories, compelling facts, colorful pictures, and action items provide ideas for readers. The biographies and success stories are entertaining human-interest tales that read like short stories. The habitat protectors vary in age, gender, ability, nationality, and race . . . The suggested activities are interdisciplinary, providing inspiration that proves that all types of people can enjoy and protect nature . . .  A strong choice for any young reader interested in the natural world."Kirkus

"Young people interested in conservation and climate activism or merely getting closer to nature will find much to expand their knowledge here...This accessible guide offers a good balance of detailed information with engaging activities and calls to action. It could be used successfully in STEAM, outdoor classroom, or environmental science units. A strong choice to inspire young changemakers for our planet."School Library Journal

“Hopeful, even as it leaves no stone unturned on the path to mitigating grave ecological issues like climate change, deforestation and overfishing...The result leaves readers — whether middle grade or middle-aged — informed, inspired and, most importantly, empowered.”—Madison Magazine

THE WILD WORLD HANDBOOK: CREATURES: How Adventurers, Artists, Scientists--and You--Can Protect Earth's Animals (Quirk Books, 2021)

The second of two hopeful, illustrated guides to the natural world that aim to empower the next generation of young climate activists and nature lovers to protect the world's wildlife, from the author of The Wild World Handbook: Habitats.

We share this beautiful planet we call home with countless living creatures, from monarch butterflies and falcons to koalas and dolphins. And just like us, animals everywhere are faced with the growing threat of climate change. As the second of two illustrated middle grade guides, The Wild World Handbook: Creatures seeks to empower young readers to appreciate and protect Planet Earth and its inhabitants. Featuring seven categories of animals, this handbook offers a roadmap for change and an invitation to explore the outdoors with fascinating facts, hope-filled stories, and hands-on activities. Each section includes biographies of adventurers, scientists, and artists from all over the world who used their passion and skills to become bold allies for nature.

Packed with real life tales of adventure, breathtaking illustrations, and practical tools for environmental stewardship, this handbook is an inspiring guide for the next generation of climate activists, conservationists, and nature lovers--and proves that no matter who you are or where you live, you can make a difference.

"This fascinating and wide-ranging title connects animals, habitats, and the protection of our environment, detailing a variety of ways to approach wildlife and preservation...hooks readers from the beginning...A treasure trove of animals, familiar as well as not so well-known, and the scientists and activists who help them survive and thrive."School Library Journal, Starred Review

"Animals are always a hot topic for kids, and this STEAM offering for middle-graders is sure to please."Booklist

Andrea Debbink is an editor and writer who specializes in immersive nonfiction storytelling—from historical biographies to contemporary topics like environmental stewardship, natural history, and food science. As a former American Girl magazine editor, she also has a knack for creating fun and whimsical content for young readers like DIYs and crafts, seasonal recipes, and STEM projects. When she’s not writing or reading, she’s exploring the outdoors with her kayak and camera.