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Andy Abramowitz is the author of three novels, Darling at the Campsite, A Beginner’s Guide to Free Fall and Thank You, Goodnight. A native of Baltimore, Andy lives with his wife, two daughters, and their dog, Rufus, in Philadelphia, where he enjoys classic rock, pitchers’ duels, birthday cake, the sound of a Fender Rhodes piano, and the month of October. He is also a lawyer.

Praise for Darling at the Campsite

An Amazon Best Book of the Month: Literature & Fiction

“This book is like life: sometimes funny, touching, sad, uplifting, and messy. More character-driven than plot-heavy, it’s for readers who appreciate stories that look back at high school and leaving home, through adult eyes.”Library Journal

“With a mix of heartfelt tearjerkers, soaring ballads, and stuff that just plain rocks,Darling at the Campsite is like a great album that you go back to again and again. Andy Abramowitz writes with talent, humor, and a sneaky kind of wisdom that sticks with you long after you’ve turned the last page.”―Matthew Norman, author of Last Couple Standing and All Together Now

“Who would’ve thought a book about a funeral could be this funny and hopeful? Abramowitz tells the story of two brothers―one recently drowned, one alive but floundering―with the perfect balance of levity and earnestness. Full of surprises, endearing characters, and Talking Heads references,Darling at the Campsite is part homegoing story, part family drama, and part music nerdfest. Garden State meets High Fidelity, set in the present day. I could not put it down.”―Suzy Krause, author of Sorry I Missed You

Darling at the Campsite is a funny, warm, offbeat treasure about the families we don’t choose, and the search for identity. Abramowitz’s characters walk off the page.”―Jonathan Evison, New York Times bestselling author of Legends of the North Cascades

“Reminiscent of the best of Jonathan Tropper and Mathew Norman,Darling at the Campsite is a deep dive into heartbreak through the funny and wise eyes of author Andy Abramowitz. What starts out as a story of one guy’s loss of a high school love turns into a fertile and relatable tale about the lengths we go to protect ourselves from future pain―and end up finding our truer selves instead. I was envious all the way through and wished I’d written this wonderful book.”―Ann Garvin, USA Today bestselling author of I Thought You Said This Would Work

Praise for A Beginner's Guide to Free Fall

“A family drama that twists and turns like any good roller coaster…witty and sometimes laugh-out-loud funny. Perfect for fans of Jonathan Tropper’s This Is Where I Leave You.”Booklist

“At once hilarious and poignant,A Beginner’s Guide to Free Fall explores the ups and downs of love, marriage, family, and all that life encompasses with such wit and incision, you’ll wish you hadn’t read the whole book so quickly.”―Allison Winn Scotch,New York Times bestselling author of In Twenty Years

“Childhood wounds often linger long into adulthood, as siblings Davis and Molly discover in Andy Abramowitz’s wry, compelling new novel. A story about second chances and the power of family,A Beginner’s Guide to Free Fall is a potent reminder that as long as we’re alive, it’s never too late to make a change.”―Camille Pagán, bestselling author

A Beginner’s Guide to Free Fall has all the thrills, emotions, and unexpected turns of the best roller coasters. I immediately connected with these characters and couldn’t wait to see what was around each bend in the track of their story. Take a seat, pull down the safety bar, and settle in, because you are not going to want to get off this ride until you turn that last page. This is a great book!”―Elizabeth LaBan, bestselling author of The Restaurant Critic’s Wife, Not Perfect, and Beside Herself

Praise for Thank You, Goodnight

“Read if: You’ve got a secret hobby you wish was your job.”—Businessweek

“Soul-searching . . . Fun and unfailingly heartfelt.”Washington Post

"Think High Fidelity and About a Boy with a dose of Music & Lyrics thrown in."—Billboard Magazine

“The literary equivalent of a good Cameron Crowe romantic comedy . . . There's an undeniable charm and gentle wit to this book.”—Arkansas Democrat Gazette

“The mix of angst and humor make this book ideal for a road trip or a day at the beach.”—Baltimore Magazine

“A novel for those of us who longed to be rock ’n’ roll stars while settling for our routine day jobs.”—Fort Worth Star-Telegram

“Very funny, deftly done . . . With a good deal of compassion and a great eye for the comic detail, Abramowitz delves a little deeper here. . . . A pleasure to behold.”—Booklist

“An edgy, funny story about the lead singer of a one-hit-wonder ‘90s rock band now working as a lawyer who ends up getting the band back together—with surprising results.”—DuJour Magazine

"The pacing is quick, the emotional current soars, and the dialogue rings true. Abramowitz's debut is both funny and compassionate, using the world of the music industry to illustrate the questions of life and legacy that so many of us ponder."—Kirkus Reviews

Thank You, Goodnight is a hilarious send-up of the music industry, late-onset adulthood, and where the two often uncomfortably meet. It’s also a sage novel for anyone who believes that our talents don’t fade as we get older, they only get better.”—Rick Springfield, author and Grammy Award-winning musician

“What do you do when you’ve given up on your dreams at age 25? When you’ve flamed out embarrassingly after a brief stint as a rock star? When you’re now nearing 40 and have nothing and no one? You put the band back together. In the character of Teddy Tremble, Andy Abramowitz has created a kind of 21st century Binx Bolling, a man in desperate search for meaning, maturity, and redemption. Funny, tender, and moving, Thank You, Goodnight is a debut from a writer to watch.”—John Kenney, author of Truth in Advertising

“Andy Abramowitz nails it with Thank You, Goodnight, a novel that is both comic and serious—just like real life. The characters are mordant and funny, the dialogue is crisp, and the story surprised me in delightful ways. What an accomplishment!”—David Small, author of Almost Famous

“A wild and spirited story about dreams lost, found, and broken. After all the reading fun it didn't have to be wise, but it was.”—Daniel Wallace, author of Big Fish

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