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Brandon Ying Kit Boey writes fiction and poetry. His work has been described as literary and atmospheric, often drawing from Asian cosmology and lore. The son of an oil engineer, he grew up moving frequently, never staying in the same place for more than three years. Themes of time and space, and the malleability of both, feature prominently in his work. His poems have been published in literary journals and anthologies, and he is also a writer of plays and short stories. Karma of the Sun is his first novel. When not at work on his next book, he can be found wandering the backyard woods in his home of Maine or the shelves of his library.


Praise for KARMA OF THE SUN:

“This fascinating variation on the Chosen One archetype neatly demonstrates how fragile hope can be destroyed, diverting attention from actually solving any problems. Fans of a post-apocalyptic world that is not a crushingly dystopian one should check this one out.”

—Booklist, Starred Review


“Set amidst the stunning beauty of the Himalayas on the brink of a global apocalypse, KARMA OF THE SUN unfurls a hero’s tale of quest and survival, perseverance and hope. With silken prose and atmospheric grandeur, Boey’s elegantly assured debut weaves in fascinating interpretations of Asian cosmology and concepts of the afterlife and end-times to haunting, resounding effect. Beautiful, moving, vast in its spiritual and emotional scope, I was reminded in parts of Kevin Brockmeier's Brief History of the Dead, and David Mitchell’s Cloud Atlas.”

—Angela Mi Young Hur, Author of Folklorn


“Brandon Ying Kit Boey has crafted a propulsive tale of adventure, sacrifice, and salvation, not just for the young protagonist Karma, but for all of humanity. Set in Tibet in a frighteningly apocalyptic future, Boey's novel offers us an earnest and sensitive hero who has been tasked with no less than ensuring the survival of the entire planet. Though filled with intense battle scenes and life-or-death decisions, Karma's quest is one we will all recognize, grounded as it is in family, love, and a profound search for the self. A hero's journey for the end of the world, KARMA OF THE SUN is a must-read for anyone reckoning with where we are now and where we will go next.”

—Erin Swan, Author of Walk the Vanished Earth


“Part journey into the mystical, part adventure in a faraway world, KARMA OF THE SUN deftly moves through places and among characters as it transports the reader again and again.”
—Eric Barnes, Author of The City Where We Once Lived

  • Karma Of The Sun
    CamCat Books, 2023