Bruce Kluger
YOUNG DICK CHENEY: Great American (AlterNet Books, 2008)
DOG ON THE ROOF: On the Road With Mitt and the Mutt (Touchstone, 2012)

Bruce Kluger and David Slavin began writing and producing satire for National Public Radio’s All Things Considered in 2002, after their initial attempts at collaboration-brokering a Mideast peace accord and mapping the human genome-proved unsuccessful.

Over the years, their on-air satire has taken aim at everyone from Dick Cheney and Mel Gibson to such vaunted institutions as the Supreme Court, the United Nations and Major League Baseball. Their “Brookings Institution for Kids” was replayed at Brookings’ 2003 national convention; and their presidential primary parody, “Six Democratic Friends” (set to the theme song from Friends) prompted an animated Internet version that was selected by CNN’s Crossfire as its “Picture of the Day” (which, though nice, did nothing to change their opinion of Robert Novak).

Kluger and Slavin’s satire has also appeared in newspapers across the country, including The Los Angeles Times, The New York Times, The Chicago Tribune and dozens of newspapers in the L.A. Times wire syndicate. On the Internet, their work has been featured on The Huffington Post (where they are invited bloggers), and countless web sites and blogs that continue to cut-and-paste their work with no remuneration to the authors whatsoever. Additionally, Kluger and Slavin created the popular “Memo to George” column for, in which they imagined secret correspondences to President Bush from his Chief of Staff.