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Erin Judge is a writer and comedian based in Los Angeles. Her debut novel Vow of Celibacy won Best Fiction at the Bisexual Book Awards and was named a Must-Read Indie Press Book by Book Riot.

Recently, Erin worked as a contributing playwright on FEED (2018 Edinburgh Fringe Festival, toured the UK in 2020). Her words also appear in Vanity Fair, the Advocate, and several prominent online recipe comments sections. She’s performed stand-up on Comedy Central and on NBC's Last Comic Standing, and her comedy album So Many Choices is out on Blonde Medicine.

Erin talks and writes about queerness, open relationships, bisexuality, sexuality in general, body image, culture, family, and her life. She loves words, ideas, mysticism, humans, justice, love, friendship, art, science, and comedy. She’s currently working on a horror screenplay, a couple of TV pilots about goddesses and chosen families, and a novel about a bunch of dudes getting their emotional acts together.


Praise for Vow of Celibacy

Winner of the Bisexual Book Award for Best Novel

Longreads Best of 2016: Most Under-recognized Book

Book Riot Must-Read Indie Press Book

Vow of Celibacy is both readable and fun—Natalie is no shrinking violet, and her life and observations make for quite a ride."
Lambda Literary

Vow of Celibacy is a funny and smart exploration of sex, love, and every woman’s road to body-positivity. Its characters are carefully crafted and relatable, whether they have sex or don’t. The ultimate message seems to be that growth and self-realization is different for everybody, and that what it means to love and what it means to have sex are relative."
Foreword Reviews, Book of the Day

"Erin Judge totally hits it out of the park with this funny, sexy, fat- and bi-positive debut novel."

“Millennial women: Natalie is all of us...Vow [of Celibacy] is a coming-of-age story for our generation, told with all the honesty we’d expect from Judge.”
Wellesley Magazine

"This novel is a freaking delight..."
Book Riot

"...heart ripping and funny and marvelously written. It’s a book I want to keep forever, and also have copies on hand to give to my friends."
Lara Lillibridge, Huffington Post

“Erin Judge's compulsively readable debut is the rare novel that contains equal parts heart and wit. And yes, it's sexy as hell, too."
Maris Kreizman, author of Slaughterhouse 90210

“Like an updated and more grounded Perks of Being A WallflowerVow of Celibacy cuts to the bone. The struggle has never been more real, and no writer understands it better than Erin Judge. There is a dearth of literature with bisexual characters at the center—Vow of Celibacy stands out because it captures the experience honestly and in a way that is so relatable. Equal parts witty and devastating, Vow of Celibacy understands the struggle to find footing in this difficult world better than anything else currently on the shelves."
Catie Disabato, author of The Ghost Network

“A smart, funny, and fast-paced book about sex, love, body image, and friendship."

“Fat-positive, bi-affirming, clever, and fun, Vow of Celibacy is the beach read of your dreams."
Lindsay and author of Ask A Queer Chick

Vow of Celibacy is so funny and sexy and heartbreaking and joyous! I didn't feel like I was reading accounts of relationships as much as I was overhearing friends talk about the most vital and exciting parts of them."
Josh Gondelman, Writer and Web Producer for Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

“Erin Judge's Vow of Celibacy is a smart, witty coming-of-age tale starring a complex and courageous heroine who stays burned in your memory long after you put down the book. Natalie's bold adventures in self-discovery and desire are sometimes hilarious, sometimes unnerving, but always engrossing."
Heather HavrileskyThe Cut's Ask Polly and author of How to Be a Person in The World

"Every teen girl wondering if she is bi should be given a copy of Vow of Celibacy. Not just because of its honest and positive representation of bisexuality but because it it’s honest towards sex, sexual desire, and body image."
The Queerness

“All in all, this is a wonderful read. Even after finishing, it took me time to process what I loved about it and why I think this is an important work of contemporary bisexual literature. I’m looking forward to reading more from Erin Judge in the future. For a fabulous bisexual protagonist, a well-written friendship, and a story which kept me hooked, this gets 10/10 fountain pens.”
A.M. Liebowitz, author of An Act of Devotion

“The kind of book you keep sneaking 3 pages of because it is so satisfying to do so. I loved it. Would read it again tomorrow. Makes you feel great just knowing its out there. The very definition of a great time.”
Kevin Smokler, author of Brat Pack America

    Rare Bird Books, 2016