Karen Yin
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Karen Yin is the founder of Conscious Style Guide, the first website and living guide devoted to conscious language. By focusing on language that includes, respects, and empowers, Conscious Style Guide promotes thinking critically about communication, beyond terminology, to include framing, narrative, and representation. In addition to Conscious Style Guide, Yin founded the Editors of Color Database and the Database of Diverse Databases, tools for diversifying staff and sources. Yin is a member of the Chicago Manual of Style advisory board and an adviser to ACES: The Society for Editing. She has advised Associated Press Stylebook editors on the 2019 edition and the Editorial Freelancers Association on diversity issues. Prior to creating Conscious Style Guide, Yin was the head of editorial and the senior copywriter at an ad agency, and she was the style columnist—and the only person of color on the staff—for the now-defunct Copyediting newsletter. She was ahead of the curve in her editing philosophy and introduced many topics, such as capitalizing Black when referring to racial identity in 2016, years before major style guides adopted the style.

  • THE CONSCIOUS STYLE GUIDE: A Flexible Approach to Language That Includes, Respects, and Empowers
    Little, Brown Spark, 2024