Keerthik Sasidharan
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Keerthik Sasidharan is a writer and columnist from southern India, living in New York City. Keerthik’s works have appeared in various publications including a featured fortnightly column in one of India’s most prominent newspapers, The Hindu, and at Open magazine.  He is currently working on the second volume of the DHARMA trilogy, a literary re-interpretation of the Indian epic, The Mahabharata.  You can find him on Twitter @ks1729, Substack ('Metadharma'), and on his website,, where he shares and writes about culture, philosophy, and literature, particularly in relation to the intellectual history of ancient India.  He is also a translator of poems and short stories from Malayalam, a language spoken in Kerala, in southern India, some of which have been published by the University of Iowa's International Writing Program.  Keerthik has appeared at the Jaipur Literary Festival and his debut novel, THE DHARMA FOREST, has been longlisted for The JCB prize in Literature in 2021.

  • THE DHARMA FOREST, volume 1 of THE DHARMA CYCLE (3 volumes)
    Penguin India, 2020