Lee Crutchley
NOBODY KNOWS WHAT THEY'RE DOING: The 10 Secrets All Artists Should Know (St. Martin’s Essentials, 2021)
THE NOCTURNAL JOURNAL: A Late-Night Exploration of What’s Really on Your Mind (TarcherPerigee, 2017)
GET LOST!: A Travel Guide for Anywhere (TarcherPerigee, 2019)

Lee Crutchley is an artist and author from a small town in England. After graduating with qualifications in graphic design, visual communication and typography, he worked for several years as an in-house graphic designer. Crutchley has worked on projects for clients such as Penguin Random House, Little, Brown and Company, Total Film Magazine, and the rock band Say Anything. His work has received praise and features from Tumblr, Computer Arts Magazine, LetterCult, Pikaland, Flavorwire, Laughing Squid, The Daily What, and many more.