Lucy Jane Bledsoe
THE EVOLUTION OF LOVE (Rare Bird Books, 2018)
LAVA FALLS: Stories (University of Wisconsin Press, 2018)
A THIN BRIGHT LINE (University of Wisconsin Press, 2016)
RUNNING WILD (Margaret Ferguson Books, 2019)
TRACKS IN THE SNOW (Margaret Ferguson Books, 2019)

Lucy Jane Bledsoe is the author of five previous novels, including A Thin Bright Line. Her fiction has won a California Arts Council Fellowship in Literature, an American Library Association Stonewall Award, the Arts & Letters Fiction Prize, a Pushcart nomination, a Yaddo Fellowship, and two National Science Foundation Artists & Writers Fellowships. She’s been a six-time Lambda Literary Award finalist and a two-time Ferro-Grumley Award Finalist. Bledsoe lives in the Bay Area where she spends as much time as possible kayaking in the bay, as well as hiking and cycling in the hills.

Praise for A Thin Bright Line

“It triumphs as an intimate and humane evocation of day-to-day life under inhumane circumstances.”—New York Times Book Review

“This is gripping historical fiction about queer life at the height of the Cold War and the civil rights movement, and its grounding in fact really makes it sing. Like the scientists whose papers she edits, Lucybelle Bledsoe is passionate about the truth. Whether it’s the climate history of the planet as illuminated by cores of polar ice or the pursuit of an authentic emotional life in the miasma of McCarthyism, she operates with piercing honesty.”—Alison Bechdel, author of Fun Home

“A testament to courage and perseverance in the face of oppression, and a compelling, literary page-turner worthy of standing alongside the works of Pat Barker and Graham Greene. A Thin Bright Line reminds us that we are nothing, deep down, without love and dignity.”—Patrick Ryan, author of The Dream Life of Astronauts

“In this ingenious hybrid of fact and fiction, a fine novelist uses her storytelling skills to recover the lost life of a favorite aunt, a bookish, unmarried scientist from Arkansas. With her story Bledsoe also exhumes a dark, clandestine age in American history, the time of Ann Bannon and Patricia Highsmith, but made more intimate and real.”—Christopher Bram, author of Gods and Monster

“Through her fictional reconstruction of the life of her namesake, her beloved aunt—who fought the good fight as a pioneering professional and a lesbian in unsympathetic times—Lucy Jane Bledsoe re-creates an important piece of history and imagines what it was like to live it. Poignant in both its conception and execution.”—Lillian Faderman, author of The Gay Revolution

“An engaging and moving novel about an unforgettable character. Intelligent, unadorned, and unsentimental, it allows us to look at a difficult time in American history with clarity instead of nostalgia.”—Rabih Alameddine, author of An Unnecessary Woman

“Bledsoe injects life and dimension through her often stunning dialogue. With heart and zest, the author depicts Lucybelle’s slice of life as both pleasant and harrowing.”—Publishers Weekly

“Is it possible for a novel to both break your heart and to heal it? . . . Bledsoe is deft in the way she shows . . . various models of how to be a lesbian in the world of the ‘50s and early ‘60s.”—Lambda Literary Review

“A story set in mid-20th century America – one that deftly weaves closeted sexuality, Cold War politics and a mysterious death that haunts the author to this day.”—San Jose Mercury News


Praise for The Evolution of Love

“Given our current seemingly endless string of natural disasters, this is a timely story and a compelling one. In the context of a twisting plot, in the company of appealing characters, Bledsoe asks us to think about the resilience of love and hate; what our responsibility to each other is; and who we really are, right down to our DNA. Highly recommended.”
Karen Joy Fowler, author of We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves and The Jane Austen Book Club

“Lucy Jane Bledsoe’s writing leaps off the page with striking clarity. Her characters take you by the hand and lead you through their freshly broken lives, and with them you’ll discover shelters of friendship and loyalty.”
Shanthi Sekaran, Author of Lucky Boy

“Lucy Jane Bledsoe’s The Evolution of Love offers a terrifyingly detailed and believable vision of life in the Bay Area after a devastating earthquake. But more than that, she offers us a vision of what is possible when individuals, even in the most desperate circumstances, refuse to give up on love and hope. The Evolution of Love is the book we all need these days: a post-disaster page-turner that’s also a blueprint for how we might live right now.”
Naomi J. Williams, author of Landfalls

“This fast-paced nail biter of a novel uses a disaster in the near future to explore a basic question: can love save us from ourselves? I read ravenously to find the answer. Lucy Jane Bledsoe is a brave and brainy writer, and The Evolution of Love is a rare mix of erudition, adventure and hard-won wisdom.
Summer Wood, author of Raising Wrecker

“In a lucid, urgent novel riven by timely concerns and authentic feeling, Bledsoe’s characters reveal how our greatest hopes most often live in community.”
Edie Meidav, author of Kingdom of the Young and Lola, California

“As a child growing up in California I created a dystopian fantasy world fueled by the visions of Margaret Atwood, Aldous Huxley and George Orwell. I seemed to have an internal GPS which I worked hard to develop because I knew I would need it once the Tempest was upon us. I devised escape routes for every imaginable natural and man-made catastrophe. Reading The Evolution of Love was like re-living my childhood. I was committed from page one and fell in love with, and was frustrated by, every flawed and highly complex character. It is a gifted writer who can take me through a full range of human emotions and leave me wanting more. I hope that Lucy Jane Bledsoe’s The Evolution of Love is only the beginning, because we sure do need a guide book for our beleaguered species just about now.”
Del LaGrace Volcano, Artist/Activist/Educator

The Evolution of Love features a number of intersecting plotlines and an intriguing cast of disparate characters. Bledsoe writes this strange new world with a confidence that the reader can trust…”
Lambda Literary