Michael B. Laskoff
LANDING ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF YOUR ASS: A Survival Guide for the Recently Unemployed (Three Rivers Press, 2004)

Jon hunting is a different ballgame when you’re holding a pink slip instead of a brand new college diploma. In this guide Michael Laskoff — a Harvard M.B.A who has flown high and flamed out more than once — offers essential advice for those of us who have recently been laid off, restructured, or plain ol’ fired. A tell-it-like-it-is bible of “reemployment,” it tackles both the practical and the emotional issues of job loss.

Since graduating from Harvard Business School in 1994, Michael Laskoff has held several high-profile jobs at major corporations, including McKinsey & Company, Bertelsmann Online, BMG Entertainment, and CompUSA. A hardened refugee from both the internet and the telecom arenas, he lives with his wife in New York, and works for the company he co-founded, The Branded Asset Management Group.