Rachel Manija Brown
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Agent: Brian DeFiore
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When Rachel Brown was seven years old, her post-hippie parents joined an ashram, or spiritual commune, in a cobra-ridden, drought-stricken, backwater town in India. The ashram was devoted to Meher Baba, best known for having been Pete Townshend's guru, for having kept a lifelong vow of silence, and for the slogan "Don't worry, be happy." She was the only foreign child within a hundred mile radius. ALL THE FISHES COME HOME TO ROOST is the acclaimed true story of her childhood. After returning to America, Rachel became the youngest person ever to receive an MFA in playwriting from UCLA. She has won awards for playwriting, comedy writing, and literary criticism, and has produced an off-Broadway play entitled Driving Past.

  • ALL THE FISHES COME HOME TO ROOST: An American Misfit in India
    Rodale, 2005