Stephanie Johnson
Headshot for Stephanie Johnson
Agent: Brian Defiore

Stephanie Johnson was known in the 1970s as Tanqueray—a burlesque dancer in New York City who, as she says, “was the only black girl making white girl money.” Without ever veering into the hardcore arena, Stephanie worked around the adult entertainment industry for decades, including dancing, doing phone sex calls on Robin Byrd’s infamous cable TV show, and writing a column for Gloria Leonard’s High Society Magazine.


In 2019, well into her seventies, she met Brandon Stanton of HUMANS OF NEW YORK on the street and he featured her extraordinarily funny, bawdy, and heartwarming tales in the longest series every published on HONY. The response was sensational, with over three million people reading the story, with television studios immediately bidding for the film rights, and with readers donating close to three million dollars to help pay for her ongoing health care struggles.


Now Ms. Johnson and Brandon Stanton have collaborated to complete the tale began on HUMANS OF NEW YORK, and tell the significantly expanded story of the life of this amazing New York legend, enriched with full color photographs and original illustrations in a beautiful keepsake book.

  • Tanqueray
    forthcoming from St. Martin's Press